Board of Directors — Magnolia Fund

Magnolia Fund, a Georgia-based feminist, grassroots, all-volunteer abortion fund, is looking for energetic, committed leaders to join our Board of Directors. We are entering a period of great growth and change and need to grow our board to support the increasing need and workload. Candidates should be motivated, and interested in doing a lot of heavy lifting to help the fund move forward.


Magnolia provides direct and clinic-based funding, as well as practical support (housing, transportation, etc) to any person seeking abortion services in Georgia, with priority to those coming from Southern states.


Our fund is based primarily in Atlanta, but we will recruit from any area of Georgia, provided that the applicant agrees to attend bi-weekly meetings, in person or via electronic means. We have a diverse client base and are actively seeking to mirror that client base in our leadership: we are particularly interested in recruiting people of color, young people, low-income people, LGBTQIA people and others who are systematically and adversely affected by reproductive inequalities. Individuals from these backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


We are also seeking specific skill sets, those applicants with a background in grassroots fundraising/donor development, outreach and community building, case management, and non-profit financial planning are strongly encouraged to apply.


Board members should expect to spend at least 5 to 10 hours of volunteer time per week, which will include working on our hotline. Our board meets bi-weekly in hourly meetings, with a quarterly in-person meeting that is arranged to fit as many schedules as possible and includes a potluck dinner.


Although we do meet the government requirements for identifying certain officer-positions, our board is consensus-driven, non-hierarchical body who works as a team to guide and support our organization

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April Greene

I’m a lifelong southerner from rural north Georgia, and when I was 19, I became pregnant and needed an abortion I couldn't afford. I was terrified because my family was poor and uninsured; I had limited access to transportation and lived 100 miles from the nearest clinic. Thankfully, I was able to pull together the resources for my abortion before it was too late, and today, I know firsthand that access to safe abortion care can change the trajectory of someone’s life. Since my abortion, I’ve committed myself to reproductive justice and abortion access, and in 2011, I co-founded the Magnolia Fund. In my day job as Executive Director at Samaritan Center for Counseling and Wellness, I help people access holistic, compassionate mental healthcare regardless of ability to pay. I’m also the proud mama of a brilliant, curious, feisty daughter who delights me daily.


Isabel Otero

My name is Isabel Otero. I'm a Cuba-Rican who grew up in Northwest Georgia. I am also a graduate of the University of Georgia, where I received my degree in International Affairs. I recently moved back to Georgia from Washington, DC, where I worked for the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice as a paralegal. Now, I work as an outreach paralegal for a public interest law firm that is dedicated to social justice.  During my short career, I have focused on the fight for the civil rights of immigrant workers; a population that is largely underrepresented and misunderstood in my beloved Southeast. Now, as a proud Southerner, I will also dedicate my time to the critical work of the Magnolia Fund. Women's access to basic healthcare is under attack. The policing of women's bodies is routine in our society, and I want to to lend my support to my community. Women should not be held hostage by their circumstances because elected representatives need to protect special interest donations or because our free press stopped being so free. I hope you join this fight too.





 Prosper is from Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to Athens to attend the University of Georgia for a degree in Comparative Literature. By day, she's Sales Director of Athens graphic design and screenprinting company Satisfactory. By night, she is a writer and activist. You can read her writing hereherehere and tweet her here
In 2014, she founded feminist fashion line and zine press Tinkypuss. Tinkypuss has partnered with The Magnolia Fund, Women Help Women, Atlanta's Feminist Women's Health Center and other nonprofits seasonally to decrease stigma and increase funding for their efforts to support health and happiness in marginalized communities. She also co-organizes The Klatch, a monthly meeting for women and folks outside the gender binary to converse, commiserate and collaborate. This January she began training as a labor and abortion doula to support a broader spectrum of reproductive needs.  

Jessica Garcia is a new board member who be taking on the role of volunteer coordinator. She is a first-generation Mexican American who feel in love with advocacy at a young age. Having acted as an interrupter for her family, friends, and neighbors, she became aware of the barriers immigrants faced in accessing basic services. These experiences are what sparked her passion for reproductive justice. 


Jessica graduated with a degree in Anthropology from Georgia State University and worked in the historic preservation field for a short time. She then worked a women's health clinic that provided abortion care services. As one of the few Spanish speaking staff members, Jessica became familiar with the distinct barriers faced by Latina and Hispanic women in accessing reproductive healthcare. Due to her interactions with patients, Jessica began to volunteer with various domestic violence and sexual assault organizations in her community. She is now a victims advocate, specializing in cases involving immigrant and refugee domestic violence survivors.