Mission, Values and Goals — Magnolia Fund



Hello, we’re Magnolia.

We redistribute power by providing resources to support the reproductive choices of Southerners. Here’s what guides our work:


Our mission & values

Following the legacy of southern resistance and resilience led by women of color and queer folks across the gender spectrum, we aim to destigmatize reproductive choices. We cultivate intimate relationships with communities, individuals, and healthcare professionals to lift barriers to reproductive freedom. We are creative problem-solvers engaging in radical compassion who operate collectively with a shared commitment to trusting each other and our clients.


Our vision

Guided by the principles of intersectionality and racial justice, we believe that our clients should determine their own futures. We envision a South where all identities, families, and choices are celebrated without fear of violence. When we win, organizations like ours will no longer be necessary.  


Our goals

  • Increase awareness of reproductive choices and access to resources

  • Nurture relationships across racial justice and social justice movements

  • Redistribute wealth and power in our communities

  • Seek and support leadership in communities of color

  • Identify and combat systemic barriers to reproductive freedom