Statement of Solidarity with Queer and Latinx Orlando — Magnolia Fund
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Statement of Solidarity with Queer and Latinx Orlando

As we catch our collective breath today, we share our deep and profound grief with Orlando, the Orlando Queer community and the Queer Latinx community of Orlando.

The violence that plagues and rains down upon queer communities of color comes as no surprise as the ease of obtaining a weapon made for the destruction of human life outweighs the demand and needs of accessing healthcare, particularly for queer and trans individuals and those seeking reproductive care.

It comes as no shock that our communities continue to experience hate and violence when the pervasive vicious rhetoric is blared on every news outlet, saturates social media and is spewed from the mouths of national political candidates, all while the need for respect and kindness is mocked as “political correctness”.

It comes without astonishment that our communities experience destitution and homelessness at abhorrent rates, including almost half of LGBTQIA+ youth, when it is easier to read about panhandling and the addition of “poor doors” and “homeless spikes” than it is to find open gates to resources for our siblings in need.

We are overcome by our mourning, but resilient and committed to the causes of social, racial, sexual, gender and reproductive justice and stand with our siblings in the movement.

As we mourn, we fight.
As we shed tears, we raise fists.

As we hold each other tight and make space for our anguish we also make space for our anger and the equity and equality that anger can fuel.

We demand action from both politicians and the citizenry of this country to turn towards the face of commitment to justice and to demand the honoring of the humanity of all marginalized persons and communities.


We shout from the rooftops our solidarity.
We shout the demand for queer safety.


Liberation for one must be liberation for all.


We love you, Orlando.

In love and solidarity in the movement,
Queer and Allied Magnolias